My name is Kira. I'm a wife, mother to 4 beautiful babes, and have a full time job too!

I'm passionate about anything that helps to make our family life just a little bit easier and more enjoyable.   This includes organization, home design, sewing, family outings, cooking, crafts, you name it.

We just purchased our first home in the suburbs of D.C. It's not easy finding an affordable home large enough for our big family around this area, so we moved a little farther out and got a townhouse in a wonderful neighborhood. Since my husband and I were married, we have lived in 7 different cities and look forward to settling down for a while! Since we're no longer property virgins, we look forward to finally making this place a home.

Stay tuned for all of the wild adventures our family of 6 is sure to share!

Check out the first post to learn a little bit more.

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