Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Family Summer Bucket List

It's officially summer. It's hot and sticky and the Fourth of July is literally right around the corner. Wowzers.

Which brings us to the question of the [every] day: What to do with the kids?

Now, granted, my husband is the lucky one who watches the kids during the day while I'm at work. Sometimes, I think about how lucky is that he gets to spend all that time with them while they are awake. Sometimes, I think must be the most patient person in the world, because if I were at home with them all day, I would probably have no hair hair. You know, because I'd end up pulling it all out. Because kids can.make.you.go.crazy. I digress...

This is the first summer that Justin is home with four kids. Since baby Cullen was born in October, none of the kids have been home for more than a day or so without both parents home with them.

Our kids are 7 ,5 ,4, and 8 months; and more often than not, they need some sort of direction on what to do for entertainment. If it were up to Oaken (7), everyone would play Mario Kart on the Wii all day. Including the baby. We needed to come up with fun things for them to do this summer that we could do not only as a family, but things that my husband could easily do with them during the week as well. I recently read this post from Me Plus Three...Today, and was inspired to come up with our own Summer Bucket List. In fact, Skylar even came home with her own list that she had made in school. Um, what better way to figure out what your kids would like to do then ask them?

Eat Fruit | Play Outside | Go Swimming | Go to Ocean City | Go Ride Bikes | Go to Beach | Make Fruit Salad | Drink Water

Don't five year olds say the cutest things? To follow Skylar's lead, each additional member of the family (except Cullen, sorry baby) tried to come up with at least 8 things that they wanted to do this summer.

I know, I know, my list is slightly ridiculous. Can you tell based on Clara's list that she loves her My Little Ponies?

But as a family, we came up with this:

There were definitely common threads among everyone's lists, so we will try to make those a priority. If we're able to get through these and need additional ideas, we will be sure to refer back to everyone's individual lists for activities.

Tell me, what are your summer plans? Has anyone else developed a Summer Bucket List?

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