Thursday, June 26, 2014

Girls' Shared Bedroom: Progress Continues

Painting the girls' bedroom made the biggest impact in the space. I feel like everything from here on out is just a matter of adding the finishing touches.

In our initial mood board post for this room, I mentioned that I had wanted to install a picture ledge around the room in order to divide the two wall paint colors. When I really got to thinking about it, I could just imagine the girls trying to hang off of it with their full body weight and managing to tear it off the wall. Bye, bye hard work. Then, I thought the simple color division would do just fine.

Until this happened...

Please excuse the flash orb...

Do you see the little blue line? I guess the paint was still a bit tacky when we blue chalk lined the room to help us tape straight lines for the two-toned paint effect.

So, we decided that we would go ahead and add a piece of moulding after all. We're still forgoing the picture ledge idea, though. I think it will add a subtle touch of architectural interest to the room. Maybe the blue line incident was meant to happen so that we'd be forced to take the easy fix route? (Easy for me, not so much for Justin who made the cuts and installed the moulding while home alone with 4 kids.)

This is the stage we are at right now. The moulding still needs caulked and painted but least we're still making progress! Slowly but surely...

Tell me, what mistakes have you found just easier to cover up?

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