Friday, June 27, 2014

Staycation Plans: Learning to Just Relax at Home

I am currently counting down the hours until my vacation from work. I mean, let's be honest, no mom ever gets a real vacation, but few days off from commuting and office work I am definitely looking forward to. I have decided to take the whole week surrounding the Fourth of July off this year. And what are our plans you ask? Staycation!

We'd like to take the time just to relax. We rarely get even a weekend where we aren't running around like crazy people prepping/cleaning for guests or traveling out of town. We finally just get to chill.

So, I got to thinking, what fun things can we plan to cross of our Summer Bucket List? Surely an outing to hike is in order. Easy peasy. What about a trip to the neighborhood pool for swimming. Maybe!

Then I got to thinking about all I could accomplish around the house in a week. Deep cleaning. Putting away clean laundry where it's supposed to go. Tackling more of the girls room. Improving our curb appeal. Organizing toys in the basement/playroom.

I asked my husband, Justin, what he wanted to accomplish next week and he just shrugged. "Go for a hike?" he said. I responded with, "How about we tackle a few projects around the house, too? Maybe paint Oaken's room and work on curb appeal? Those can be our two goals for the week."

And so, I started making a list, trying to determine the details of the aforementioned goals.  Before I knew it, my list looked like this:

Curb Appeal
- rip out bushes
- paint shutters
- power wash siding
- paint trim
- paint door inside and out
- new light
- new numbers
- plant azaleas, hostas and perennials

Oaken's Room
- paint
- Lego organization

- organize sewing stuff
- organize toys

- bed skirt and headboard
- stripes or grid moulding?
- window and closet trim
- refinish nightstands?
- paint closet?

- big b&w frames
- banquette
- build table

- sew something
- go hiking/camping
- put away all clothes
- post stuff to Craigslist
- get Cullen's 12m clothes out

Half Bath
- ORB hinges
- paint trim work
- make artwork

I would have kept going too, wanting to renovate the upstairs bathrooms and laundry room. I mean, I included building a new dining room table on that list for Pete's sake. And that was me trying to be conservative! What happened to a relaxing week?

I love working on projects around the house. But I also need to remember the fact that this is supposed to be vacation. It might be a staycation, but it is still an opportunity to spend some quality time with my husband and kids.

In an effort to actually relax, I'm going to try some of the following tips.

Tips for enjoying your staycation:

1. Spend some time cleaning. It's vacation and I want to relax, why would I clean? If you are anything like me, a disorganized, dirty house can drive you nuts. Devote some time (a day? two hours?) to cleaning the house and getting organized. This can help you to actually relax and enjoy the rest of your staycation by creating a more restful environment. It's going to be your vacation lodging for the duration of your staycation, make it feel that way! Then try not to spend anymore time on chores than what you originally planned/allotted besides maybe just some general pick up, tidying or dishes.

2. Get out of the house. Just because this is a staycation doesn't mean that you have to be stuck at home. Pick some activities that your family will enjoy together like swimming, hiking, fishing, visiting a museum, going to the movies, etc. Create an itinerary if you want, or just play it by ear.

3. Set a reasonable project goal. This applies to you DIYers. A staycation can provide a great opportunity to get some things checked off that big ol' to do list around the house, so set some resonable goals, and stick to them. Don't try to bite off more than you can chew. Maybe pick projects that the kids can help out with as well to keep them involved.

4. Plan some down time. No vacation is complete without some relaxation time. So, if you have to, schedule it. Grab a glass of wine, or a beer for yourself, make the kids sundaes and/or popcorn and have a movie night!

5. Have fun! And don't over do it. Pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion can make everyone grumpy and that's no fun. Just remember, it's technically a vacation, and it's supposed to be enjoyable. Stop yourself if you get frustrated, tired or grumpy and switch gears. Be flexible and remind yourself to have fun if need be!

Tell me, how do you manage the work/home life balance? How do you ever turn off your brain from needing to get organized, clean the house, etc, and just relax? It's a constant battle for me and I would love to hear your advice!!

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