Friday, June 20, 2014

The Girls' Bedroom is Painted!

New bedding. Check! Window/closet trimmed. Check! Room painted? Check!

Hallelujah, the girls' shared bedroom is finally painted, and it's been the most dramatic change yet. It never ceases to amaze me what a little paint can do to a room.

Without further ado...

Do you see the very subtle two tone effect that we created on the wall? The top section is plain pure white, and the bottom is Valspar's Comet Dust.

I catch myself sometimes just peeking into this room because it's so light and bright and makes me happy. :)

We wrote this post about trimming out the window, but we did the closet too.

Here's the closet before:

And after:

And the whole room "side-by-side" before and after:

Still on the to do list for this room:
  •  Molding to separate the two colors
  • Individual barn lights for reading
  • Hanging Art
  • Coral accent pillows
  • Additional accessorizing
 Now, who thinks I should paint the nightstand similar to the color in the mood board?  Should we leave it as is? Or are there other color suggestions out there?

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